I am mommy to 1 adorable boy and 1 sweetie girl and married to an awesome man of God. I love all things crafty and techy. Come join me in my crafty and techy adventures!


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  1. Hello – I happened to find myself on your blog the other night and have been drawn back by your lovely creations!

    I came across a particular project you made in 2009 as a gift for a friend named Maggie. From what i can tell, you used a template designed by Laurden Meader. I just love this project and the possibilties for gifts.

    I tried to find the template so i could purchase it but suspect it may not be available. Rather than let it go, I thought I would step out in faith and ask if you could possibly direct me to somwhere that i might be able to buy the template.

    I realize you may not be able to help and that i totally understand but if you have any information that might help, I would appreciate it.

    Your creation from the template was really inspiring to me and i thank you for sharing your beautiful projects.

    Sandi Smith

    • Hi Sandi! Thanks for your sweet message! I found the updated link for you. It’s still available to purchase at Papertrey Ink. Please see the new post or original post for the updated links. Hope you enjoy! Please send me a link if you ever post your creations. I would love to see what you make 🙂 ~craftyliu~

  2. Thank you fpr the updated link. I have been able to locate the template and look foward to creating a project for a friend as lovely as your project. I will share photos once the project is completed but an unexpected trip will take me out of state as i go to be with my elderly parents for about six weeks.
    I will work on it when i returnand share photos with you at that time.

    I know there are many wonderful people in the paper crafting world but your response to a question from a stranger shows you are among the truly special. Thank you so very much!

    Sandi Smith

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